Bike to the Future

Cycling London to Sydney

In 2012 I set off to cycle from London to Sydney. The journey would take me through 27 countries and covered 21,000 kilometres. 

Click below for a photo storyboard for each leg of the journey and some links to some external articles written by friends and people i met along the way:

Nullabor crossing

Crossing the Nullabor: Headwinds and Horizons

It was never ending. My mind would wander; my grip on reality loosen. I was losing it. Long roads jetting into the distance to unreachable horizons, any crest breached would reveal yet another endless, daunting vista. Balancing on a narrow ribbon of asphalt stretching through this arid world I plugged in and switched off, escaping in music as the tedium rolled past. Every now and then I’d be jolted back into reality as a thunderous road train roared past. This was the Nullarbor.

Cycling London to Sydney: Inclines, Isfahan and an Inflatable Globe

An interview style article by my friend Rachel on her blog, Do it while you're young. Covering the whole trip. I met Rachel in Malaysia and have since bumped in to her in Indonesia, England and India!

Cumbrian man on last leg of  10,000 mile bike Ride

A former Cockermouth School pupil who quit his job to cycle 10,000 miles around the world is on the final leg of his journey in Australia.